Background: The
Elizabeth City Bass Masters are
one of the oldest bass fishing
clubs in Northeast North
Carolina.  The club membership
is normally between 14 and 20
members.  The club meets each
month at the Ruritan Club on
Halls Creek Road at 7:30pm.  
The Club typically schedules 10
Club tournaments, 1 Open Trailer
Tournament, a Husband/Wife
Tournament and Cook Out each
calendar year.

Purpose: To stimulate
public awareness of Bass Fishing
as a major sport.  To offer the
state conservation department
our organized moral and political
support and encouragement.  To
promote full adherence to all
conservation codes and to
demand adequate enforcement of
all regulatory standards.  To
expose any polluter and call
public attention to his/her crime.  
To improve our skills as Bass
anglers through fellowship, a love
for the sport and friendly
exchange of expert catching
techniques and ideas. To promote
public awareness towards
preserving the natural habitats of
this area and fish management.
Buck Buchanan, dedicated
Member,Father &Friend.
We will always have you in
our midst when we meet to
Compete. Love Ya Buck